7 Hints on Writing a Great CV

7 Hints on Writing a Great CV

Rayment Recruitment, Chelmsford has a great record of placing candidates in the right job. One of our methods is to help the candidate create their CV, and to make sure that the CV is tailored towards the position in question. So many people simply send of the same CV regardless of the post they are after.

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Here are seven hints for creating an excellent CV that an employer will appreciate!

  1. Layout and style – Don’t over do it! Your CV doesn’t need to be more than two pages in length – and may well be disregarded if it is. Keep it simple and avoid using colours, strange fonts and borders. Also don’t include a photograph – your appearance (unless you are going for a modeling job) is irrelevant. Some good examples can be found here on CV Plaza.
  1. Check your spelling and grammar! – This seems obvious but bad spelling and grammatical errors are unlikely to impress and employer. Checking your CV doesn’t take long, and if you’re unsure ask a friend or partner to do it too.
  1. No over familiarity or use of jargon – Your potential employer is not your ‘mate’ or close associate (at least not yet) and will not appreciate humour or ‘chumminess’. Your CV is a formal document and should read as one. By the same token, avoid jargon or industry specific buzzwords or acronyms. Whilst it’s important for the employer to know that you have relevant experience, show that it your previous job roles, you don’t want to run the risk of appearing to show off.

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  1. Personal Profile – This needs to be short, direct and relevant. It should also relate to the role you are applying for. If possible it should also grab the attention of the potential employer
  1. Work History and education – It is worth mentioning that there is little relevance in detailing every small or insignificant post you’ve held, such as part time roles. Putting down too many previous jobs may also make you appear to be a ‘job-hopper’ or cast doubt on your employability. Detail any tasks that you carried out in previous jobs that are relevant to the position you are applying for. For work history (as well as education) detail the month and year, position or qualification and keep the format legible and consistent.
  1. Hobbies and Interests – This can be a bit of a trap! If you list too many hobbies it may look like you’ll have no time for work. Try to keep it short and relevant. DON”T try to be funny or mention politics or religion.
  1. Cover Letter – If an employer is asking for a cover letter, make sure you provide one. Your CV will not be taken into consideration if you don’t.

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Creating an excellent CV will, naturally, boost your prospects of getting to an interview, and these seven brief hints are simply a few of the ways you can make that happen. If you would like further help please contact us or visit our Candidate Advice page.

Good Luck!

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