How to Keep Motivated Whist Job Searching?

How to Keep Motivated Whist Job Searching?

When you are searching through those well-known job boards it is hard to feel and stay motivated, especially when you come across a role that looks achievable only to discover you do not meet a qualification or particular skill set. Or receive that dreaded rejection letter. This can set you back to square one. We understand it is hard to stay motivated so our experienced consultants have offered some great motivational tips to help you keep persevering through your job search.

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Step 1: Create a plan/to do list

The first step is to think long and hard about what you want to achieve and put pen to paper. Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Which industry am I looking for?
  • What role do I want to achieve?
  • What locations can I reach?
  • How many applications can I accomplish in a day?
  • Does the salary I am looking for match my skill level?
  • Does my CV/Cover letter need looking over/ tweaking slightly?
  • What job sites/boards are best suited to my required role?

Once you have written yourself a plan it is easy to refer back to it, and when you start to feel the slow impending doom creeping up on you, a quick glance over your plan can set you back on track. Remember do not be too harsh on yourself or over ambitious!

Step 2: Targets, Goals and Rewards

Linked to step 1 goals and targets are super important in staying motivated, but so is rewarding yourself when you have reached them. When trying to stay motivated you may ask yourself how many applications can you manage a day, how much time can you spend a day/week searching. Remember to reward yourself with breaks, walks in the sunshine and days off to celebrate your call-backs, scheduled interviews or even cleared emails.

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Step 3: Make sure you stay Positive

We all know it is hard to stay positive when you have been searching for some time, especially if you are not receiving the responses you want. Sometimes negative thoughts enter our minds such as: I am never going to get this, or there are so many applicants already. Stop! Think positive, you are a solid candidate, you meet the criteria and you have the experience. Don’t be too tough on yourself. Stay committed, motivated and positive and you will prosper.

Step 4: Ask for advice

A second pair of eyes over a CV or cover letter, could aid by giving some constructive criticism, not just that co-workers, family members and friends can see your full potential and can identify skills that you may have overlooked.

Recruitment agencies such as Rayment Recruitment can supply assistance by understanding your needs and the role you are looking for and using their years of experience to match you with their suitable clients this can help by taking the strain off your shoulders.

Talking to other jobseekers can also help keep you motivated as they understand the struggles and procedures needed to attain your goals. Also, taking time off together can help you to relax and bring a fresh approach to your job search.

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Hopefully these tips will aid you to reach your employment goals and help you to stay motivated. For anymore tips please visit Rayment Recruitment who have an extensive job board, advice page and consultants who are available to aid your search in many industries.

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